Wild and Untamed

Year after year, season after season, a desire to explore the wilderness beckons. Round the next bend, over the furthest hill. While somewhat content with the small windows of opportunity to fish, some missions require more consideration with a time-slot allocated in advance. Not necessarily miles away from human activity, but somewhere lesser-known or a water that has minimal focus. The wilder, the better though! We are extremely fortunate in Tasmania to have an abundance of water, often just a short drive from most built-up areas. Unless you are in the deep south-west of Tasmania, you are basically no further than an hour from the nearest trout water, probably less. This close proximity enables us to make an easy choice to escape at a whim, without hesitation. It’s this relaxed lifestyle that we can sometimes take for granted, sheltered from the reality of a dog-eat-dog world where humans are instead making a choice to blow each other up, all in the name of religion, power and down-right insanity. It baffles me to ponder that people are striving to attain a so-called afterlife or a parallel universe by living to a set of conflicting standards or beliefs, sometimes forgetting to live the existing one to the fullest. Why on earth would you choose to inflict fury like a beast when you have beauty and peace? That’s the thing, I have a choice too and I guess I choose to live my life a bit like my favourite fishing spots – wild and untamed.

























2 thoughts on “Wild and Untamed

  1. Beevor – thanks for sharing your sage thoughts.
    Some fine images presented as well. The markings on those Tassie trout are just beautiful.
    Hopefully get back to Tassie in Mar 17.
    Great Blog!

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