A Tasmanian Mayfly

October is the time of year that sends many anglers into a fly fishing frenzy, as the mayfly emerges from its hibernation. Truth be known, I have witnessed mayfly still hatching in the depths of winter on small creeks, so I guess the exact timing could be attributed to complexities around geographical micro-climates, but generally speaking, the mayfly season kicks off around now. They are amazing little critters to observe, especially throughout their general life cycles, firstly as a nymph, then dun and eventually as an adult spinner. I’ve captured a small clip below showing a mayfly dun on a northern-Tasmanian river. Mayfly duns are clumsy aviators – watch as this one takes off in slow motion, only to be launched into the crevice behind, where it crawls out to dry its wings. It eventually repeated the whole scenario.

NOTE: If you want to view this is HD (much better quality) visit the link HERE.

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