The Last Wild Trout – Greg French

To the piscatorial peruser, Tasmanian author and fly-fisher, Greg French needs little preface. His writings have inspired, entertained and educated many in the wider fly fishing community, including me, for many years. In his latest release, The Last Wild Trout, Greg seeks to satisfy desires that stem from childhood readings, about catching wild trout and…


Fish of a Lifetime

It suddenly dawned on me, that while I have┬ábasically whored a couple (of hundred) images around the internet, I’m yet to share my story here on the biggest, wildest and most badass brown trout that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tangling with… In fact, the whole story starts on the internet. Well, social media…


Season Opener – 2016/17

After much anticipation, the doors of the new trout season are open to those willing to tangle with a wily Tasmanian brown trout. An unprecedented amount of rain has fallen in almost every corner of Australia’s fly-fishing capital, with some regions witnessing the wettest three months since records began. Some thirty-five bridges were either damaged…


Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival 2016

It’s on again, Nick Reygaert’s global roadshow of fully sick fly fishing madness is on tour and chucking hand-brakies at 30 cities and towns across Australia and New Zealand. Headlining the films this year is Nick’s own ‘Freaks of Nature’ – a film about the monsters that lurk within the famed Lago Strobel, more commonly…

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Trailer Park!

Here’s a few trailers / clips that you should probably watch. Especially if you’re in Australia or New Zealand and your season is closed! King of the Flats Parallel Lines Patterns


2015/16 Season Highlights

Every season, things happen from a piscatorial perspective that kind of tickle my fancy. It might be a memorable fish, a new water, amazing wilderness, fishing with someone I’ve never fished with before, or even just a day on the water when someone falls over and eats shit. Either way, every mission offers something that…



For the last few years, I had pretty much neglected a present from my wife; one of cheapest lenses Canon manufacture – a 50mm 1.8f lens costing a grand total of around $140 at the time. While it was cool at first, it was a little slow to auto-focus and just felt a little plastic…