This Is Fly

If you haven’t managed to check these guys out yet, then hurry up and get yer skates on.

This Is Fly ( have been kicking around in the Emag world now for at least eighteen months, maybe more. Word travelled quick and soon they established a loyal following and continue to grow. The magazine offers the reader a fresh, new-generation approach to fly fishing that still appeals to all that share the fly fishing passion.

This Is Fly not only takes you on journeys from all around the world through articles from various contributors, but it paints a picture, it shares the culture and it also makes you want to get off your arse and get busy fishing. You can watch video trailers and advertisements in high definition, purchase new gear or be pointed to a website that gives you more information on products you may be seeking. You can check out some rad art and graphics or you can simply drool over the fish porn photographs until your computer clogs up and the ‘insert’ button doesn’t ever look the same again. Hell, you can even kick back and listen to their diverse ‘Mixed Tape’ while you browse through the mag.

To top it all off, these guys care about our sport and understand that we can’t take our fisheries for granted. They support our environment and appear to adopt sound conservation values. They don’t tapdance around issues, they grab them by the balls. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to the mag – You’ll be stoked when that email arrives every two months, advising you to sink your teeth into some new eye candy.

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