Rather Moist.

“Marge, Marge…. The rains are ‘ere”. We have recently experienced quite a few downpours in the North of Tassie and even the South has managed a much needed sprinkle. With the expectation of rising rivers, me and a mate took an early minute from work, hoping to get the timing right on a couple of river locations.

We drove out past Longford to see what the level was doing. Water, and a shitload of it. Brown murky goodness sent from above and mixed in with the earth. Well, the earth and maybe a little bit of animal piss. With no shortage of water coming down the South Esk we headed out to the Macquarie River at Cressy. The water was still rising, but there was far too much water between fish, to quote the tinny-arsed Patto.

We aimed to head up the ‘Mac a little higher at Stewarton, but stopped at the Isis and Lake Rivers on the way. These were looking nicer but there was only one productive looking backwater, nice enough for a little fish to reveal itself. Old Yappers reaction proved far too pensioner-like and the opportunity soon vanished.

Stewarton was a sight to be seen. I have never witnessed such panic among the insect world. Literally thousands and thousands of spiders, ladybirds, beetles and many others types of creepy crawlies all washed out of the parched paddocks and clinging onto dear life. Trees had twenty foot-long spider webs hanging off them, almost dancing in tune with the flowing water. The guard rails across the bridge were covered in life and cobwebs – Sooo many varieties of spiders and bugs I was in my absolute element! From a fishing perspective there was food options galore, but once again too much water proved difficult. Water had backed up into a massive paddock and still seemed to be rising so we flogged around for an hour or so without success or any positive signs of fishy-life.

The rest of our time was spent taking photos of the insect masses. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you catch fuck-all. When you get you witness such amazing forces of nature, satisfaction is there for the taking.

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