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Trailer Park!

Here’s a few trailers / clips that you should probably watch. Especially if you’re in Australia or New Zealand and your season is closed! King of the Flats Parallel Lines Patterns


2015/16 Season Highlights

Every season, things happen from a piscatorial perspective that kind of tickle my fancy. It might be a memorable fish, a new water, amazing wilderness, fishing with someone I’ve never fished with before, or even just a day on the water when someone falls over and eats shit. Either way, every mission offers something that…


Sometimes, They Always Come Here!

In November 2014 I had my first trip to Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. My main target species was bonefish, and in Aitutaki the Bonefish are big, really big!! check it out here!! After a few days I had caught and released some monster bonefish with the help of my…



For the last few years, I had pretty much neglected a present from my wife; one of cheapest lenses Canon manufacture – a 50mm 1.8f lens costing a grand total of around $140 at the time. While it was cool at first, it was a little slow to auto-focus and just felt a little plastic…


The Holiday Hook-up

The typical holiday period in Australia is a time that many savour. Annual leave passes are banked up throughout the year and pennies are stashed away to save up for that relaxing getaway, trip of a lifetime or some well-needed family catch-up. While holiday-makers on the other side of the globe are donning their gloves…


Wild and Untamed

Year after year, season after season, a desire to explore the wilderness beckons. Round the next bend, over the furthest hill. While somewhat content with the small windows of opportunity to fish, some missions require more consideration with a time-slot allocated in advance. Not necessarily miles away from human activity, but somewhere lesser-known or a…