Just Risers

Halfway through the trout off-season, then mate and fellow RiverFly 1864 guide Peter Broomhall throws up a couple of minutes footage of brown trout rising to naturals on Tasmanian streams. Sounds simple enough, but in reality, all this vision does is offer the viewer a painstaking perspective of what lies ahead. It’s like dangling a pacifier a metre away from a baby, well aware that the crawling stage is a while away. First it giveth then it taketh away. It’s like telling a mate at school to ‘go and get fucked’, knowing that his next root will actually be his first. That’s what ‘mates’ do though sometimes, don’t they…. they take the piss. I’m pretty sure Peter is taking the piss here. He’s trying to inflict a small amount of pleasure, with underlying tones of pain. Divinyls frontwoman Chrissy Amphlett once exclaimed that ‘it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain’ and I think she’s spot on. Whatever you do, please don’t hit play on the video below, unless you’re a sick fucker – like me.

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