For the last few years, I had pretty much neglected a present from my wife; one of cheapest lenses Canon manufacture – a 50mm 1.8f lens costing a grand total of around $140 at the time. While it was cool at first, it was a little slow to auto-focus and just felt a little plastic and well, cheap. It had really only been given a run for family shots or inside the home when taking advantage of low-light opportunities. For much of my fishing-related photography, I had persisted with my expensive Canon 17-40mm f4 lens, with a view to capturing a wider perspective of our passion. It was more landscape oriented I guess, with a hint of fly fishing. I still very much enjoy this side of things but of late, I literally dusted off the old el cheapo lens and have been enjoying the results. It’s obviously a completely different lens and ideally suited to the portrait image, but it’s the depth of field I’ve really been experimenting with. It’s enabled me to take a look at fishing photography from a more personal perspective and capture different elements of this lifestyle. It’s only light too, in terms of weight, so is barely noticeable in my ever-growing pack of fishing gear. Of course, now all I need to round out a lens kit is a decent macro for those little critters I so adore. Obviously, I could acquire a 60 or 100mm that does both, but that would cost me much more money and defeat the purpose of this post – You don’t necessarily need to blow your hard-earned to blow your world away.




















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