It’s been an extensive period of time since I’ve penned a blog post. About a year in fact. I was contacted by a keen reader a while back, which was the catalyst for this very engagement. Simply, they questioned if I still ‘heart’ the fly? The answer? Absolutely!

I had taken a break from posting here, somewhat jaded by the evolution of social media platforms and the ease of sharing images and information there, resulting in some internal gazing and questioning my efforts. Many bloggers would concur that the huge effort you put in can go unrewarded, seemingly lost in the blogosphere once the publish button has been pressed, not knowing if anyone actually gains a sense of enjoyment, entertainment, satisfaction or education. Not knowing if anyone actually gives a toss, lead to me not really giving a toss!

Ultimately, I came to the realisation that this blog was never created for anyone else. It was not any means to seek cheap products, sponsorship or any form of credibility. It was never a place to see how many likes I could generate, or any attempt to stand on a soapbox and inform the masses of how awesome I think I might be. Rather, this platform has always been a place to share my own thoughts and images, and to create an online archive of everything that relates to my love of fly fishing, the adventures it takes me on and the knowledge I gain from immersing myself into a passion that has become an enormous aspect of my life. Until my mind and body fail me, I will always heart the fly.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a bunch of photographic moments from this past trout fishing season. Each forms part of a much larger catalogue of memories, and while they will always remain firmly embedded with me – they serve little purpose being stored away on some hard drive. Please enjoy!

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