It Aint Easy Being Green

Well it appears that the bitterly cold hand of winter has finally departed and the long, quiet and almost meditative nights of tying flies in front of the fire have come to an end. Our attention is now diverted from reading about amazing piscatorial exploits to actually getting out there and putting all these theories…


Run to the Hills

I’m often faced with a quick decision about fishing these days. When sneaky little windows of oppor-chancity present themselves, one needs to have some options to consider, based on the conditions. At this time of year, some river levels can be running a little full or dirty for enjoyable fishing. Don’t get me wrong, they…


RISE Film Festival 2015

The RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has been coming to screens across Australia and New Zealand for 10 years now. That’s a whole decade of some serious fish visuals over that time! Its longevity is testament to the persistence and passion by Gin Clear Media, namely Nick Reygaert. I’m not sure about you, but my…


Patagonia – Journey To World’s End

Everyone that has been bitten by the travel bug has that one destination they long to visit. That place of fantasy that seems more prominent in our minds than any other. Unfortunately for us fly fisherman these fabled holy lands continue coming to light, ever adding to our bucket list of must-see fishing destinations. Patagonia…


The Back of Whoop Whoop

Have you ever been to The Back of Whoop Whoop? I’ve been there. You take a left at Old Mate’s, then keep driving beyond The Black Stump. Meander through The Pines until you’re Over the Hill. It’s past The Middle of Nowhere, near The Back of Buggery. Turns out it’s pretty neat.


Anzac Vibes 2015

There’s been enormous talk of Anzac Day this year, and what it means historically, emotionally, nationally and personally. You could say that it’s become heavily commercialised. From attending Anzac Day marches as a child to standing around the cenotaph with a rifle as a teenager, I’ve been involved. Yarning with diggers, listening to stories as…


The Season Fades

As the last light of each day fades, so too, the season itself. The sun glistens through the fragile willow leaves, as they hold on for dear life, paving the way for a hibernation, of sorts, a shut-down. A period of routine preventative maintenance. The water, noticeably cooler, is running higher than it was just a…