Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival 2016

It’s on again, Nick Reygaert’s global roadshow of fully sick fly fishing madness is on tour and chucking hand-brakies at 30 cities and towns across Australia and New Zealand.

Headlining the films this year is Nick’s own ‘Freaks of Nature’ – a film about the monsters that lurk within the famed Lago Strobel, more commonly referred to as ‘Jurassic Lake’. Other gems to feast your eyes on include; Parallel Lines, Jungle Angler and Turning Points North.

Bound to incite a vast number of ‘oohs and aaahs’, the film night is a mad excuse to rouse a few like-minded mates and tip in a few frothies afterwards.¬†For dates, venues or to scruff your own ticket, grab ’em on the interwebs HERE.

For now, get a load of these lip-ripping teasers;

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