The Last Wild Trout – Greg French

last_wild_trout_frontTo the piscatorial peruser, Tasmanian author and fly-fisher, Greg French needs little preface. His writings have inspired, entertained and educated many in the wider fly fishing community, including me, for many years.

In his latest release, The Last Wild Trout, Greg seeks to satisfy desires that stem from childhood readings, about catching wild trout and their sub-species in some of the wildest places on earth. Along the way, Greg takes the reader deep into the culture of the destination, their lifestyle, architecture, food, flora and fauna. He paints a complete picture, without much of a deviation from the task at hand. Twenty locations are highlighted, from Tasmania to Iceland, British Columbia to California and from Mongolia to New Zealand, offering a diverse and enthralling collection of adventures.

Greg compiles a decade or so of selected works, along with plenty of new material and presents them in an honest, succinct and romantic manner. True to form, Greg emphasises a transparent narrative on the importance of conservation and the impending issues that continue to threaten these unique fish and their fisheries.

The Last Wild Trout is an absolute pleasure to read and subconsciously embeds the need to whet the appetite for your own wild adventure. You can grab a copy here;

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