The River Sessions

I’ve been enjoying some marvellous river sessions over the past month or two, with some being successful in terms of fish catching and other sessions proving more joyous in relation to company, insect hatches or new discoveries. Either way, each has its own unique story but instead, I thought this post could be more suited to a photographic journey, for a change. Enjoy!

IMG_7172 IMG_7186 IMG_7234 IMG_7251 IMG_7265 IMG_7274 IMG_8075 IMG_8086

IMG_8132 IMG_8150 IMG_8189 IMG_8218 IMG_8228 IMG_8239 IMG_8271 IMG_8567 IMG_8634 IMG_8658 IMG_8676

IMG_8687 IMG_8700 IMG_8705 IMG_8752 IMG_8758-3 IMG_8770-3 IMG_8818

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