Finicky Fins & Cold Tins

It was high time to hook up with a couple of likely candidates for a session on Tasmania’s Little Pine Lagoon. We set the date in advance for some socialising at the shack and an early session on the ‘tailers’. Along for the ride were Yapper, Byrneout, Bazzel and the Beevor – a good selection of right royal cranks.

One hundred and fifty beverages and a block of cheese later, we awoke well before the sun debating the merits of instant coffee once again and cueing up for a bit of one-on-one time in the game of thrones. Nobody won – we all lost.

The fog was heavy but it wasn’t long before our eyes picked up the subtle dimples of movement in the shallows. Not often or consistent but certainly enough to detect some movement and sit down and wait for the beast to reveal itself again, or perhaps even show some direction. As time went on, it became clear that is was going to be one of those sit and wait moments, where the fishing is quite challenging and a real test of patience – which can be very enjoyable.

I think sometimes, the harder you work on a fish, the greater your desire to succeed and with every tick of the clock as your patience wears thin, the greater the reward when that effort comes to fruition.

Below is a selection of photographs from our little overnight mission…

There were some clear skies about during the night, along with a tinge of green from air glow.


Along with the fog lay a heavy dew and a touch of frost


There he is, now where is he going?


Success! (Image by Mitchell Crowden)

20140405_122402I shall call this one: Lou Reed




Still waiting…


More waiting…!


I think three fish came to the dry fly eventually for us. My only one when the sun was up! (Image by Mitchell Crowden)


Bazzel covering a rising fish…

IMG_1796Yapper holding one of his fish (Image by Andrew Howell)

photo 3


One final shot…


4 thoughts on “Finicky Fins & Cold Tins

  1. Great article and some superb images to boot.
    Beevor – looking good sporting a beard.
    Instant coffee!!! I’m sure espresso won the debate….


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