Artist Exposé – Mark Chuck

We have an ongoing project, aimed to reveal the art within the art. An exposé of artists with a collective theme that revolves around fly fishing. In this post we introduce to you, the exceptional sculptures by Mark Chuck.

MarkChuck1Do you fly fish and if so, what is your favourite species to catch?

Yes, I fly fish and spin fish, I find excitement and enjoyment in both. My passion and favorite species are trout/ salmon.  Would rather stand in a stream than to be in a boat.

DSC_0239 copy

Which came first, the fishing or the art?

Fishing inspired me to create my art. Nature and fishing are my inspiration.


What is your favourite subject to paint / draw / sculpt / create?

Fish/Trout/ Aquatic Life. The imagery and colors of my work is more about the surface of the fish then the shape of the fish capturing the essence of what a fish actually is. 


Tell us about your greatest your inspiration?

Each trip I bring something back with me. Anytime I get out to trout fish is special.


Your ideal fly-fishing destination?

Salmon River, Pulaski NY 5 species of native trout and 3 species of salmon. Perfect combination , never know what you may have on.


Where would you locate your dream studio and whom would you invite around for a drink?

Would love to have my dream studio on the bank of the Salmon River and would invite all my fishing friends over for a drink. What would even be nicer if the  stream ran through my studio, observing and feeding the fish as they pass by on their journey.

_MG_1824 copy

Would you get a tattoo of your own work?

Fish scales would be nice to have!


Where can we purchase your work? or

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mark!

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