A Bugs Life

The Central Highlands of Tasmania is an amazing place, the scope for exploration never ending. One can easily find themselves completely immersed in their surroundings in a continuous pursuit of new waters and the possibilities they behold.


More often than not it is fishing that brings us to our destination, but occasionally it isn’t the sole purpose of our visit. Sometimes it pays to sit back, take a minute, look a bit deeper. Go on, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

20140310_084600Giant Eusthenia Stonefly

2014-03-10 22.10.54Southern Pyrgomorph or Spotted Mountain Grasshopper

2014-03-10 22.07.34Mountain Katydid (male)

20140310_132535Mountain Katydid (female)

2014-03-10 22.13.53Mayfly Spinner

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