You know those people who always win stuff through promotions? You know the ones, they’re everywhere, free shit here free shit there type deals. A Current Affair usually runs a story every 6 months about Kamakazi Promo Pilots who have filled their houses with free shit. I’m usually too busy or lazy to bother, the other day I had success. Story goes; Maintenance bloke at work doesn’t mind a drink and his fishing. He’s heard about Ole Mcfisto and is always hitting me up for updates. To be honest I gather he likes his drink more than fishing but hey. He raved one day about Wild Turkey American Honey. I placed his recommendation in the back of my mind. It was only about a week after he mentioned it that I noticed a special at the local Bottle’o on 6 pack of Honey’s. Upon purchase I noticed a Go Pro promotion: why not? The 6 pack went down well, although a little quick! A few weeks later I happen to call in sick from work. First day off in a while. I was monitoring calls and received a suspicious call from a young lady distinguishing me as the winner of a Wild Turkey prize. Being a little hesitant and totally forgetting I had ever entered a competition, my mind went into overload. Surely it was a set-up from work, someone was playing games? They knew I liked a drink and they wanted me to reply to catch me out as I wasn’t really sick, sick enough of work. It took me a while to remember that maybe I was a winner. I still cased the phone call and as my memory kicked in I realised I may be a winner. So I headed down at 10am to me local and received a rather bemused look by the attendants as to why I was there so early looking a little green. I assured them that things aren’t that bad yet but I’ll grab that Wild Turkey Go Pro camera and be gone. “Couldn’t have gone to a better person” they said.

The footage below is a test run I did the other day. Shame I didn’t get the hook up as it was a classic trial. I raised the fish with a dry drifted over the likely run. He then sat back in the current still feeding hard. I threw the dry again and he did the classic drift-sniff. I then changed to dry dropper and on the 2nd change and a few casts got the nymph take. Classic river fishing which made my day. Hope you enjoy!

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