You know those people who always win stuff through promotions? You know the ones, they’re everywhere, free shit here free shit there type deals. A Current Affair usually runs a story every 6 months about Kamakazi Promo Pilots who have filled their houses with free shit. I’m usually too busy or lazy to bother, the…

Aurora Australis July 2012

There’s been some insane images and footage from recent displays of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). Here’s a fantastic time-lapse sequence from our freinds across the ‘dutch’ in New Zealand. Please take the time to watch this in HD, it’s flippin’ unreal.

Dam Nation

A captivating trailer that gives you a small insight into the controversial dam debate in the Unites States. Stopping environmental flows and preventing the upstream spawn, but providing power and holding back decimating floods. Has the damage been done or can it be undone?    

Dry or Die!!

The lads at Frontside Fly are at it again. You’ve gotta have a look at this little clip and be sure to turn up the volume and listen to a wonderful ode to the dry fly – to the tune of Hallelujah which is quite a fitting rendition I reckon.