iheartthefly – The Team!

We’re stoked to announce that iheartthefly has grown enough to justify additional contribution. I would like to introduce these passionate Tasmanian fly fisherman, so they too can share the love that we all carry for the fly…

IMG_4679 (1)-2Andrew Howell

Also known as Yapper, Charlie or simply mad as a cut snake, Andy is one of my best mates. From shenanigans during our school days, wild surfing days or our bond on the water, Andy oozes an infectious likeability and yearns for all aspects of fly-fishing. From Cape York Peninsula in Queensland to the rainforest creeks of Tasmania, this passionate father-of-two stokes on life in general and is one of those blokes who’s company is a blast. Ask him about the ‘Tranny Seal’ story.




Christo-2Chris Reygaert

Christo or ‘Bacon’ as he was referred to in his younger days, digs the fly. He doesn’t own any other gear relating to fishing and has no desire to; the fly is enough to fill his cup. Well, apart from the odd ale but who doesn’t like a refreshing reward after a tough days’ fishing? Christo captures mad images and has a creative eye for detail. He loves adventure and possesses an uncanny instinct. Christo froths over exploring the unexplored, just don’t let him hold the map.




IMG_2904 (122)-2Paul Anderson

The man formerly known as ‘Chump Roberts’ is a champion fella. Quiet, unassuming and never in a negative mind-space, this gentle giant from Tasmania’s Northwest coast loves the international get-away. From Alaska to Hawaii and Iceland to New Zealand, Chump loves to immerse himself deep into foreign cultures. He attains more technical knowledge than he cares to declare and is not scared to packhorse an IT-room full of gadgets. Shreds on guitar too!





Baz-2Mitchell Crowden

‘Baz’ is a very cluey man. Just as handy on the tying vise as he is on the metal lathe, Baz will walk twenty kilometres just for the sake of it. Ever keen on that Western Lakes mission Baz enjoys that exploration element and getting deep into Tasmania’s wilderness. Baz tells of the trials and triumphs of his missions, giving the reader a detailed account of his adventures. He’s a pretty accomplished fish-catcher both here and over the ditch in New Zealand.





_DSC0846-3Brendan Turriff

Then there’s me – Turry or Beevor they call me (it’s a long story). I’m just a mug-punter that loves getting out in the elements with a fly rod. The type of bloke that calls fishing ‘fitness’ and calls fitness ‘wasted fishing time’. I’m a passionate advocate for Tasmania from the fishing to the surfing and the people, produce and lifestyle; I was born & bred here and have no desire to leave. I have an amazing wife and two very young boys who are the neatest little dudes. Maybe one day, they will heart the fly too.

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