Say “Raaarrghhhh” Whats Up Peoples of the Fly Fishing Community! Super stoked to have been included as part of the iheartthefly fraternity. Good mate Brendan Turriff creator – CEO and all time humourist has decided to take a big risk (hee) and include me as a contributor. His personal wordsmith introduction of myself is spot on. I love fly fishing, it’s my life now. I first flicked a fly in Belgium (My Dad’s Origin).

When I travelled the world as a young bloke I just happenend to stay with my Uncle Luke (Old Luke Flywalker!!) President of a club in Ghent (Belgium). He took me to a club meeting where I was positioned on a long table surrounded by what at the time seemed like crazy Old Men jibbering flemish over small instruments (Vices). As I remember it was all too much as I sat in front of one of these instruments without a clue. I remember my Uncle hushing the jibber and introducing me. Chris his nephew from Australia! “ooohhh aarrggghh’s” filled the room. It was kinda like a leave pass or a good excuse to get there attention and now looking back a great card trick. Anyway, understanding nothing apart from a few broken english comments the club precedings took place. I remember another person entering the one door room which was designated as the meeting room. Another table was set up and all kinds of paraphernalia was unloaded from bags the importer had dragged along. The jibbering crowd moved like a wave and I followed. It was amazing and I wish to this day I had insight as I remember the table was filled with the most amazing fly tying gear – the beautiful capes instantly took my eye.

I was invited to fish a dam on the out skirts of of the Flanders. Belgium is split into two regions. The Flanders and the Wallon’s or Wallonia. It was a good drive and seemed like a very important journey. My uncle Luke ‘Flywalker’ Reygaert had this buzz about him. I was his student and he was my guide and the comp was on. I was oblivious to the preceding. I was on a journey and just sucking in the moment. We all met at this lake and ventured out in our teams on these small wooden boats. Some went off but most stayed in one bay. We fished with the fly. The Flemish chatter filled the air between the gusts as we went to work. I caught my first trout on fly and we won the comp…


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