Open Season – Tasmania

Anglers across Tasmania and abroad are gradually coming out of hibernation to wave their wand for the opening of the 2013/14 season. Great numbers of quirky crew will be heading to their local haunt this weekend to tangle with a brown trout, a sometimes-complex little species that many would not have seen for three months (the period of the general closed season).

First introduced into Tasmania in 1864, the species thrived and has infiltrated most waterways since introduction and the vast majority of these needed no assistance from man. Due to this, the fish themselves are considered to be just as wild as the environments in which some reside. Like the famed Western Lakes, a vast expanse of sight-fishing opportunity within conservation and World Heritage listed borders. Not to mention the rainforest creeks, grasshopper-infested meadow streams, mayfly rivers, highland beetle falls, trophy sea-run trout and world class polaroiding and you begin to understand why trout bums from across the globe have Tasmania on their bucket list.


If you’re thinking of coming to Tasmania to fish, be sure to look at guided fishing options, which could mean the difference between a great experience and an amazing one. Visit the Guides Association website for specific information.

For DIY options, check out Anglers Alliance for access maps and regional info plus the Inland Fisheries Service to obtain your licence and check regulations.

Tasmania hosts an enormous diversity of trout fishing options, even when the weather appears to less than ideal. Add to that the hospitality, heritage, world-class food and wine plus amazing scenery and it truly is a destination that has it all.

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