TWOT – The Real Map of Tassie!

The highly anticipated release of Trout Waters of Tasmania (or TWOT as I like to call it!), by Greg French has finally been placed on shelves.  This edition has updated his last version of 2002 with much information. Nine years might not seem like a long time for conditions or locations to change but believe me, prolonged droughts, near biblical flooding, de-forestation and stocking regimes can have a huge impact on trout and their environments, and there has been plenty of this over the past decade. If you have never read previous versions of this book and intend on spending any amount of time fishing in Tasmania, then know that Trout Waters of Tasmania has been extended to contain 368 pages of invaluable details on fishing almost every speck of water in this trout paradise. A worthy investment!

In addition to updated fishing information, the book is reputed to contain an updated catalogue of excellent photos and maps. I’m yet to accquire my copy but hope to bury my head in the pages tomorrow. If you were a wise angler, you too would be burying your head in the TWOT as soon as possible! Trust me, you will be drooling faster than a dipstick in a dentist chair. Available at all many good book stores and tackle shops.  If you’re lucky, you can even get your TWOT personally signed by Greg. If you need assistance in securing a copy let me know.

4 thoughts on “TWOT – The Real Map of Tassie!

  1. I’ve now read the TWOT and I’m stoked. Not only are there more smaller little creeks in there, but exisitng waters have been updated with more relevant and expansive information and maps. A real must have for anglers who intend to fish in Tassie. There’s even one of my photos in there!


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