Predator Fly Fishing Film

Gin-Clear Media have knuckled down in recent years, to bring fly-fishing into our lounge rooms, workspaces and man caves. Their seemingly effortless delivery hides the fact that sophisticated equipment is painstakingly employed.

They quickly grabbed the attention of anglers with The Source series, with instalments featuring Tasmania, New Zealand and Iceland. Audiences worldwide soon flocked to screenings of their next cinematic masterpiece Hatch. The next offering, Predator follows on from Hatch in a documentary style narrated once again by prominent author, angler and passionate Tasmanian, Greg French.

Predator captivates while at the same time, it educates. The keen observer will capitalise on vital slow-motion footage of fish behaviour to enhance their craft. In particular, amazing footage of brown trout annihilating baitfish is superb. Rainbow trout stalking wayward damselflies is crisp – it’s also interesting to note some of their misses, which surely entitles the unfortunate angler to a lifetime of excuses! Nick Reygaert should have hit up the Tourism Council of Australia too, as the footage he captured at Exmouth of Jono Shales tempting aggressive queenfish on popper flies will have international anglers flocking to our shores specifically to target this relentless predator.

This film could easily occupy a weekly series on your television, if given the opportunity and I’m sure a wider audience than just anglers will appreciate its tone and professionalism. It comes highly recommended and the trailer is below for your viewing pleasure.


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