Warming up Winter

Fishing in winter, for many, is simply non-existent. Especially with the vast majority of Tasmanian trout waters closed. Even the thought of wetting a line sends some of the hairiest humans into hibernation. I mean, why would you want to leave the warmth of your cosy abode, drive forever dodging nocturnal monsters on frosty roads, only to be confronted by bitterly cold winds, drizzling rain and a lack of sun? Why? I guess it must be something to do with the fact that you can actually be successful. You get to experience amazing solitude, while enjoying a diverse landscape. You could catch up with an old mate, or meet a new one. You get to pass through lush valleys, rolling hills. It enables you to see a coastline, postcard-perfect and complete with a winter swell churning barrels down an empty line-up. You are able to witness some of the most brilliant sunrises, with subsequent sunsets as the day retreats. You, and me, and everyone else are able to flick the winter away catching a few fish in gorgeous light as the remainder of the population can only dream of being so contented, so ecstatic and so flipping stoked to be a fly-fisher in Tasmania.

Angler: Ashley Hallam

Location: Tasmania’s East Coast

Species: Bream











5 thoughts on “Warming up Winter

  1. Nicely done Bro. Got me frothing at the chance of the challenge. Your photos really portrait the scene and certainly give the reader a reason to ‘Warm Up the Winter’. Cheers


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