Anglers Alliance Tasmania

We are incredibly fortunate in Tasmania to have a resource known as Angler Access. These are a bunch of dedicated beats and access points formed and maintained with the angler in mind. Much of this access is located on privately owned land and through the work of Anglers Alliance, both Tasmanians and visiting anglers have a myriad of fishing options without becoming baffled by laws and legalities.

Anglers Alliance Tasmania Inc. (AAT) was formed in January 2006 as the peak body representing the interests of all Tasmanian fresh water anglers.The core aims of the Alliance are reflected in their goal “Through the representation of all anglers, ensure the realization and maintenance of the full potential of the fishery.” They work closely with the IFS and play a significant role in providing them with angler views and suggestions and act as a catalyst between fisheries management and all State and local Governments. The Alliance operates on behalf of all anglers, without fear or favour of any group or entity and views all decisions on the basis of “Tasmania and Tasmanians first.”

Be sure to jump onto the newly revamped site and have a look around. You can even check the webcams to see how some of the more popular waters are looking before sneaking off…

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