The Last Sneaky Session

At this time of year I like to sneak out to a little river that is still open to rainbow fishing…

It was blowing dogs off chains when I left town and I knew that it was going to be cold and miserable. Still, kicking back inside on my day off didn’t sound that hardcore. Twenty minutes into the drive and it’s pissing with rain. Awesome. The last time the weather was like this on a solo session I drowned my DSLR Camera!

My waders were hastily thrown on, along with beanie and gloves. I tucked my phone in a dry spot, just in case. Even with the cold conditions at this time of year, on this type of water, I generally don’t need anything but a dry-fly, so this it what was thrown for the first hour, without success. I persisted on and fished a likely looking fast-water and I was sure that a fish bumped my fly. I repeated the cast numerous times, methodically working this run but drew no response. Must be seeing things again. “One more for the road”, I thought so I cast again… Slurrp! There he is!! A colourful little bow came to hand and then quickly slipped out again. I’m on the board.

While it’s great being out there doing your thing, surrounded by fresh air, critters and wildlife, it’s nice to come away with at least some element of success, you know. Otherwise you just feel like a bit of a dick.

Things were very quiet from here on in but I did fool another on the dry and one more on a dropper nymph. Doesn’t sound too bad in the end, but I was fishing for over four hours! In any case, it’s nearly winter and I’m out there amongst the elements catching fish on dries prior to the season close. Happy as a pig in shit.

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