Monster Children

Fly fishing could be considered as a sport. Many would perceive it as a hobby or passion. Non-fly fisher-persons would probably see it as something reserved for pompous twats in silly jackets and tweed hats. One thing is for certain – fly fishing is an art and goes hand in hand with creativity. Given the opportunity, I reckon stacks of skaters, surfers, artists and musos would find something appealing about fly fishing out in the wilderness. Then again, they might think it sucks nuts. Monster Children Magazine doesn’t smoke the balls. It’s chock-a-block full of crazy antics, cool yarns, interviews, images, sweet threads, art and random shit. They have just released a photo annual that’s loaded with images to make a firm impression on your retina. Grab a copy of it and whack it on your coffee table so your peeps can chill the fuck out.

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