Casting at Shadows DVD

I flipped open the mailbox expecting the same old mundane window envelopes, advising me of debts to a vast array of so-called service providers. Imagine my excitement then, when an international package had taken their place and looked suspiciously like a DVD. Sweet! Casting at Shadows had arrived!

I suggested nicely to the missus that finding something to occupy her time may be a good idea. Alone, and a little frisky toward the slot in the DVD player, I hastily inserted, sat down, cracked beer and watched.

The film initially gives the viewer a taste of island life on Kiribati, then eases into some fishing with some mellow instrumentals, a few sound effects and the odd narrative. You often see footage and photos of Christmas Island highlighting the excellent bonefishing and giant trevally captures, but it was great to see species like the blue trevally and yellowfin tuna (this fish is massive!).

The quality is great and offers some great visual perspectives, but I would have liked to have seen a little more action, or perhaps some more music or narratives to fill the void of a few quiet moments. In reality, I suppose the actual fishing would involve some quiet time searching the flats and maybe this is the perspective they were after.

In any case, it’s whet my appetite further to explore this wonderful destination like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. To get yourself a copy visit Casting at Shadows

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