Fly Shop 1864


Local readers will be stoked to hear that a new fly shop is swinging its doors open tomorrow, 24th August. Many anglers will know that 1864 was the year that trout were successfully into the Southern Hemisphere after several grueling attempts, hence the name I presume.

Fly Shop 1864 will provide more options to local anglers and online shoppers alike. Word on the street is that they will he the first dealer in Tassie to stock Orvis which will excite many enthusiasts!

Opening at 10am at 45 Cameron Street Launceston (near the corner of George st and Cameron st), drop in a say hello on the way to the Fly Fishing Film Festival. If you’re around the shop at 5pm, you can stay on for some Pizza. Rumour has it that Greg French will make be making an appearance – With any luck he’ll be donning the purple thermals!

Also if you want to learn how to tie flies or cast better, Fly Shop 1864 are offering free classes during October. How rad is that?

Get along for a sniff anyway.

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