Season Opening

Finally, after three months of closure, the brown trout season is upon us. We were welcomed with a mild day with sunshine even poking it’s nose out from time to time!

My wife and I recently welcomed our son Mason into the world so I knew any opening day plans would be brief. It worked out that my Dad was here from interstate too so we both decided to sneak off for a couple of hours to a headwater creek not far away.

I initially thought the water may be flowing a big dirty nod swollen due to snow melt. My thoughts were quickly dismissed as we past clear flowing rivers on the way, a welcome sign. We arrived to the creek and it was looking juicy. We quickly rigged up and went in search of that first fish.

Far from hidden, the fish was in the middle of the creek and sitting on the bottom but you could observe its feeding movements. Ever the optimist, I tied on a trusty royal wulff and covered the fish. It noticed to fly and the tiny snout angled up toward the surface. Without hesitation, the jaws opened and allowed the fake meal to slide in… Yeeeeoooow!! We’re on the board!


Dad tried his best to secure a fish while in Tassie but it wasn’t to be on this occasion. He did hook one, but the fish won that battle. I was stoked to see the excitement in dads eyes when he spotted a larger specimen and tried his best to entice it from its lie.

I landed a handful on dry flies for the season opening and had some fun with the old man, that was the plan and we success was achieved. Now, back to the cutest child I’ve ever seen and the hideousness that is nappies. I like.



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