Fly Fishing Brotherhood

It was cool to have a blood brother back in primary school days.

You knew that if you ate shit after falling off the fort or grazed your knee from trying to race fat Brad to the canteen, that your mates would be there in a flash trying to seize the moment and score you as a blood brother. Mad little bastards would hack into their own flesh with a compass just to open the flood-gates of that oozing liquid that creates a solid freindship throughout eternity, or at least until the school bell rang.  These days, kids are whisked off to emergency if they are sneezed upon, or things are taken way too seriously when little johnny mentions that he ‘put his nuts in Kate’s lunchbox’.

No longer do you have to risk disease to belong. No more will you scar your body in order to be the raddest kid in town. All you need to do is slip on one of these trucker hats from This Is Fly. The United Brotherhood of Fly Fishing hats will ensure that should you slip whilst wading in the river – Your brother will lend his hand. Should you almost fall arse-over-tit off the boat because the electric motor was on full noise – Your brother will save you, and then laugh.

The hats will cost you a measly $25 USD. Welcome, my brother.

Order them from This is Fly

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