Otis Eyewear – Time to get your cool on.

I’ve been catching the OTIS train for around 5 years now and can’t see myself getting off at the next stop.

My first standard pair of Otis Buddha sunnies were pretty kickass so I decided to try the polarised Fidel model for my fishing pursuits. Holy schmit, they had everything going for them; solid, scratch-resistant glass lenses, polarised and photochromic options for spotting your fish quarry and for those low-light affairs, stainless steel hinges for the salty old sea-dog in you and a funky look that’s sure to impress the ladies and maybe your nan too.

They come in heaps of styles but not all are polarised. Here a while back, I smashed a glass lens on a pair of Fidels and quickly realised that pretending they were a ‘drop-bear’ was not entirely intelligent. Anyhow, the crew at Otis HQ were a massive help and sorted me out with a new pair pretty quickly. I have been extremely happy with my Otis Fidel’s for a couple of years now but I’m loving the idea of sliding into the Prague or Big Deal’s for my next purchase. Check out the range here

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