Lifes Little Pleasures

It’s always great to catch up with a close friend and spend a little time on the water.  Time spent with mates is always valued and I was excited to hook up with Phil for a trip out to the Vale River to try and tame some of the beasts that lurk below its shimmering surface.

Fly fishing is an enjoyable pastime for many reasons. For some it might be the getaway from busy life,  maybe it’s just the amazing places you visit, for me it is also about all those special moments that just seem to happen a little more often than in other forms of fishing.

My day was made when Phil , upon setting the hook on a wild rainbow, proceeded to tug it straight out of the water, past his ears and onto the bank. A tiny trout by any measure but one of the funniest fishing moments I have experienced. We left the water with one fish each, both identical is size with remarkable colourings that glistened in the sunlight.

A morning well spent

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