Gin-Clear Media’s LEVIATHAN is the feature film of the festival and the follow-up to the highly acclaimed PREDATOR. For humankind, water is the source of eternal wonder, so too the creatures that dwell within this mysterious realm. The lure of the unknown is what drives fly fishers to explore and to seek out the largest fish of a species, not for the trophy but for the challenge. LEVIATHAN documents epic fly fishing battles with these modern-day aquatic monsters in a global tour-de-force.

New Zealand is recognized as a mecca for giant brown trout, but few realise that the largest of these live in tiny spring creeks hidden deep in the dense forests of the Bay of Plenty, LEVIATHAN descends into the jungle to shine some light on these enigmatic beasts. Next are the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind swept lake is undoubtedly home the largest trout on the planet. Surprisingly, these brutes readily devour huge dry flies, leading to many heart-in-mouth moments for fly fishers.

In the South Pacific, there is one denizen of the deep that demands instant respect – the Giant Trevally. Amongst fishermen the lore of their strength and aggression is second to none. LEVIATHAN follows fly fishers as they lock horns with these mighty fish in the coral reefs of French Polynesia and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Regardless of location, a fishing adventure targeting the world’s piscatorial legends is certain to be a feast for the senses.

This is another must-watch and must-own whether you’re a tweed-clad traditionalist or a hardcore fly fishing punk.

From Gin-Clear Media:

“We would like to thank all of our followers, fans and contributors. We appreciate your commitment to our coverage. We are busy shooting again for our next instalment. We can’t thank you enough for the support we get from everyone involved in the process and the following we appear to have across the globe”.

DVD available online or through your local distributor. Enjoy.

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