Artist Interview – A.D. Maddox

We’re excited to share a new element to iheartthefly. Over the coming months, we will be featuring global artists whose work is deeply engrained in fly fishing. While fly fishing itself is often perceived as an art, for many it inspires a whole other visual realm. This in turn, inspires fly anglers to immerse themselves even deeper into their passion. It’s full-circle awesome-ness!

Here, we share some wisdom from a quick chat we had with world-renowned fly fishing artist – A.D. Maddox:

A.D Maddox Interview

Do you fly fish and if so, what is your favourite species to catch?

“Yes I do fish but right now I’m painting so much that I only get out 2 times a year … maybe 3 Delaware River & Lake Ontario in April, MT & WY area in Sept. A bit around Nashville area in the Fall. If I’m lucky with production I get to go to Lake Ontario for the Browns in late October … that’s the plan next year!”

Which came first, the fishing or the art?

“Art … been creating since I was an infant”

What is your favourite subject to paint / draw?


Tell us about your greatest your inspiration?

“I’m a rare breed of artist … I do not need inspiration to create.  I do it naturally. I do love color, It’s makes me happy. If I did come close to being inspired it would be my observations of water.  I love to paint water”.

Your ideal fly-fishing destination?

“New Zealand hands down the best!  I do want to fish Argentina too but have not yet!”

Where would you locate your dream studio and whom would you invite around for a drink?

“Dream studio … Wow … I do have a dream studio and I love where I am so I’ve got the set up looking pretty good! Who would I ask over for a drink?  Tom Cruise”.

Would you get a tattoo of your own work?

“NO WAY … Tattoos pollute the body’s liver that’s why they fade with time.  The liver starts detoxifying the body as it manages the skin. But I do have a few people that have tattoos of my work”. LOL

Where can readers purchase your work?  – I do not do galleries anymore.  Onto Museum shows for me 🙂

Be sure to along to AD’s website and drool over her images and where they might take you!

Thanks again for the interview AD – Might see you on the water!

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