Only The River Knows

These guys are dead-set fucking legends. If they were in close proximity to me I may wish to touch them on the fly rod. In my mind we are freinds. In reality we are strangers. I will continue to stalk them twice daily until they accept my offer to sit down, have a couple of hundred cold beers, perhaps a dirty burner, go fishing and talk shit.

Only The River Knows is a film set mostly in New Zealand but also Australia, Norway and Sweden and sets the bar bloody high in relation to quality and innovation. You may recall these guys from ‘Backyard in Nowhere’ and if so, you know you are in for an epic adventure. I could rant on about how good this is going to be but really, check the trailer then buy the film and sit down with a bunch of good mates and have a right ‘ole blast. To purchase and to find out more info, click HERE

Also – Here is some background info on the project and how they attempted to get it off the ground. Did you throw them some coin? I did!

3 thoughts on “Only The River Knows

  1. What a fantastic trailer. These guys should catch up with you and your mates coz they would have a great time. I’m jealous of your regular outings and wish I could have as much fun but I’m always stuck by myself!


    • Thanks George (probably not your real name!). Make sure you allow some time to get out fishing – It doesn’t matter if you are by yourself, this is a great way to reflect and enjoy life.


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