Jazz & Fly Fishing

Regardless of where and how you fish, every angler is surely touched by rhythm. It is something one cannot escape. The water on a small stream, cascading down the smallest of descents or a wind-lapped lake shore constantly revealing it’s beat. The hum of the furious hatches while the tree-tops sway in the valley above. Frantic sea-birds in the estuary are as active as children at a Wiggles concert – Every angler is surrounded. Whether or not you feel the rhythm is up to the individual. With the help of the Jazz & Fly Fishing lads, you can’t escape that feeling of motion, rhythm, movement. This cranky quartet tour their native Europe playing jazz gigs while fly fishing in their down-time. Sounds tough yeah? I think not. They fish in some amazing locations while living their dreams and their special bond formed on the water really translates on stage. Listen carefully and their improvisations will reveal snippets of tail-walks, subtle rises and gentle runs. While their talents sway toward the music side of things, their passion for both jazz and fly fishing is certainly prevalent. There are a few slower episodes, however the film will appeal to anglers and musicians alike and should be viewed with constant sips of your favourite ale, at regular intervals.

You can purchase their two-disc film or their CD HERE

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