Recycled Waders

Recycled Waders began their story a few years back, conscious of the fact that if you buggered your waders to a point of no return, they were often rendered useless and served no purpose or function. Recycled Waders can and do recycle, or ‘upcycle‘ any type, brand and colour of breathable waders and turn them into functional pieces of fishing equipment like various types of bags and wallets. They can even custom your manky old waders into something of your desire – with the exception of like, mermaids and shit.

What a great concept to reduce the amount of ever-increasing waste filling up our lands, and proof that almost anything these days can be re-used or recycled, except maybe that hideous aroma that wafts from your waders – That, my friend should  be avoided at all costs!

If you have a pair of breathable waders that are leaky and beyond repair, be sure to get in touch with Recycled Waders’ contacts to ensure an effective transition into something rad. Some of their products are available locally from Fly Shop 1864.

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