Encyclopedia of Flies – App

Imagine you are on the river and there’s an epic hatch. You have nothing to imitate the little critter but you know what it is. Your tying gear is stashed away in the car and all you need is an appropriate formula to whip up an enticing pattern…

Well if you had the Encyclopedia of Fishing Flies App installed on your iPhone, you would be in good stead. I’ve recently had a play with this application and the variety and subsequent content is impressive. The app lists over 1000 flies and growing. Hopefully down the track they have the ability to source and display patterns relevant to specific countries and regions. It’s quite easy and logical to navigate. I would recommend to any mad fly tier looking to enhance their obsession on the run!

It cost around $2.99 currently. You can find out a little more info here and download the app here: Encyclopedia of Fishing Flies

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