Mighty Murray Cod…

Little is known on a global scale about the iconic Australian species – Murray Cod.

They are a slow-growing fish steeped in Australian fishing folklore and can attain sizes in excess of 100kg! They are a territorial fish whose diet consists of anything that can fit in their cavernous mouth –  from shrimp, frogs and lizards to turbo-chooks, birds and even small mammals! Their aggressive manner makes them a worthy fly target though many attempt, fail and give up. Probably because the poor old Murray Cod has been a victim of overfishing, poor irrigation, upstream damming and drought. Their numbers have depleted dramatically over the past hundred years due to these factors, but dedicated anglers continue to target them with cracking results.

The mighty Murray Cod and mainly found in the Murray-Darling River basin and surprisingly, some are found high in the headwater catchments, streams and tributaries where they prefer deep and snaggy holes. In recent years, government bodies and private fisheries have successfully managed breeding programs and have subsequently stocked them into freshwater impoundments making for excellent fishing opportunities while offering a positive outlook for this species.

This teaser shows a dedicated angler smashing cod on wet flies and some wicked surface action. Hell yes. I’m led to believe that most of this footage for the upcoming DVD is filmed on impoundments, but fishing for wild fish may be on your screens down the track. Enjoy… and remember, if you catch a cod, give it the nod… and then let it go.

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