Bow and Arrows

With brown trout season now closed, options are limited to tangle with our tiny trout. There’s a few little specified rainbow waters still open for those willing to brave the cooler conditions, which is what I did with good Cobber, Andy Howell.

At this time each year, we like to head to a small creek to chase wild rainbows on twigging rods that feel like toys. I absolutely love my little Sage TXL two weight which is perfect for these acrobatic creek-dwellers.


Upon arrival, we were shocked to see sections gauged out by recent floods, creating tantalizing backwaters and deep pools. Also missing were the fish! Things seemed quiet in this department and we could only assume that a proportion of these fish had been washed downstream with the torrents of water. Before too long, we found some survivors that snavelled the dry fly.


With a couple of takes on the board, but no hook-up, I was keen to catch up to Andy’s count. Not that it’s about numbers on these small creeks, but you would be a dead set liar if you claimed contentment in walking away fish-less while your mate smashed ’em!

I gathered a small amount of talent and managed to score my first on a bow and arrow cast in tight country. Satisfaction cured my anticipation and before I knew it, I was admiring the colours of a wild bow, which ogled me as Andy took a few pics and then I slid it back into the drink.


Activity remained pretty quiet for a while before we found a couple more, but we need not have worried as it was cold and we had some cold beers at home with our names on them.


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