Up a Creek Without a Net…

 I was office bound and the clock was ticking.

Like a mad man waiting for the next voice, I impatiently watched the minutes tick by while the bead of sweat on my brow slowly rolled down my cheek and onto the keyboard. Ironically, it landed on the ‘B’ and I knew at that moment that I had to go fishing after work, and I had to go to Brumbys Creek!

I rocked up to an Angler Access point and began strolling up the creek. The water was high and clear and the temperature was warm but not too hot. Thankfully I had scored a wind-free day which was a welcome change out here.

Up until the first weir, the water was running too fast but I did manage to spook a fish in some skinny water right up on the edge. Above the weir was a different story – It was looking prime and very fishy. As I walked a few paces up river a healthy brown leapt two foot clear of the water to grab what I assume was one of the many dragonflies cruising about. The re-entry was just as special and I scored it a perfect 10.

Things started to happen from here and all of a sudden the fish were up and feeding. Most would rise once or twice in quick succession and then retreat to the deeper water. I found one fish feeding hard and saw that he was feeding on red spinner mayfly. Luckily, I had already tied on a Macquarie Red as I like them out here.

I sent out a cast on the opposite bank and the fish rose a metre or so above it – He was working his way upstream. I put the next a couple of metres ahead and waited…. The snout broke the surface and the fish slurped down my dry-fly. I’m on! The fish played up a treat on the five weight and it was only when I got the fish closer to the bank that I wished I brought the net. Awkwardly, I knelt down and grabbed the fish over the steep bank and slashed free of the hook and into the weed. Not a massive fish, but I reckon it was around 2.5-3lb.

Soon after this the wind came through and a cold front chilled the air. The fish had shut down and I walked back to the car. On the way back,  a bead of sweat came down my cheek. I smiled and secretly gave myself an inside high-five. I then noticed an angler on the other bank – They probably thought I was a mad man waiting for the next voice.

3 thoughts on “Up a Creek Without a Net…

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