Mona Museum – Tasmania

Mona has Nothing to do with fishing – But it does cast a bright light into the dark shadows of closed minds.

Mona – The Museum of Old and New Art, has just opened in Hobart, Tasmania and boasts the largest private collection of art in the Southern Hemisphere – estimated to be worth more than $100 million. In addition to their already existing production of wine and beer, Moorilla Estate now plays host to the weird and wonderful.

Owner David Walsh clearly has a warped head and a crapload of coin to boot, so why not open up a museum of offensive art including a working model that replicates the human digestive system, resulting in a pile of shit? Controversial? Yes. Avoid it like the plague? No. Get your pompous little arse along for a look and shock the hell out of your soul. They also have a restaurant and crazy-arsed accommodation so you can lay down after spewing all over yourself.

Visit MONA here

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