iheartthefly are based in Tasmania, Australia. For enquiries, information, feedback or advertising please complete the details below.

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  1. Gentlemen! You have created a masterpiece… I am equally entralled by everything fly fishing encompasses. Having grown up not far south of the Zambesi, son of a gifted Ichthyologist, I have been privileged to witness some most amazing piscatorial sights in my time so far. The pictures on your site are second to none and I look forward to many return visits. If you are ever stuck in London and fancy feeling the pull of a wild sea trout in the Thames I’d be happy to pass on some pointers. Tight lines and big respect – metiefly


  2. Love your site guys!Uno that vid you posted of the southern lights? I’m not sure if I’m trippin or what but at about 40 secs{not exact} this light ball moves through the frame which looks like a UFO. It’s the short time lapse one I’m refering too. Anyway keep up the good work ! Fishing reports and photos are top notch! Cant wait to get back to Tassie this coming spring. Cheers, Greg.


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