Yow: Icelandic for Yes!

Iceland has taunted me for years. It’s endless adventure, fly fishing, culture, landscape, aurorae and surfing is stuff of legend. Last year, iheartthefly contributor and good mate Paul Anderson headed to Iceland for good times and crazy vibes and basically rubbed it all over my face (you can read his report HERE). This spurred me on even more, offering a a glimpse of what to expect.

Fast forward a year and a film by Tributaries Digital Cinema has me frothing for more. It’s called Yow: Icelandic for Yes! and the trailer alone oozes so many cool vibes. I may or may not have screamed consecutive yow’s all over the place when I laid my eyes upon it, but really I’m as jealous as hell. They say that jealousy is a curse, but to curse is to swear and to swear is to oath and bloody oath, I swore. Luckily, YOW is not a swear word, it’s a feeling and this film will help us all to get in touch with our inner Yow-ness. Do yourself a favour and pre-order to get in early when it drops. YOW!

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