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Trailer Park!

Here’s a few trailers / clips that you should probably watch. Especially if you’re in Australia or New Zealand and your season is closed! King of the Flats Parallel Lines Patterns

Love Flyfishing

You have to check this clip out. Six minutes or so of footage that encapsulates much of what we do, where we go and gives the viewer a glimpse as to why. Almost certainly, my mates watching this will be emptying the clag from their bag – and rightly so. I will emphasise, watch this…


It’s what we all do. It’s what we all should do. Even the doctor tells us to ‘take a deep breath’. Some people¬†experiencing chaotic lives in choked-up masses of concrete and glass must feel suffocated. This film, presented by Imago Fly Fishing, really is going to be a breath of fresh air – not only…